Lip Plumping Injections : My Experience

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Published: 30th December 2010
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Thanks Angelina Jolie and other various plump-lipped leading ladies of Hollywood and the modeling world! Now women all feel like they need to have buxom lips to be sexy and beautiful.

But the plastic surgery circuit sure is happy. Millions of women have opted to try out lip plumping fillers that are injected into the lip. Restylane and Juvederm, which also serve as wrinkle fillers, have enjoyed surges in popularity since their introduction.

There are a lot of women, including myself, who were born with naturally thinner lips, who would love to see what they look like with fuller lips. These fillers are great for women who just want to see if it's something they would like.

These fillers typically only last around six months though, meaning they are a cash cow for surgeons offering this service.

The body absorbs the filler harmlessly, and your lips "go down" or deflate after that happens, requiring additional injections to keep the full appearance.

I can tell you from experience, since Iím the consummate experimenter when it comes to these things, these lip injections hurt a lot. I tried it one time so that I could write about it, and because I wanted to see what kind of a difference it would make in the fullness of my lips.

I had the technician give the injections mostly in the top lip, since Iíve always had a thin top lip, which tends to virtually disappear when I smile in pictures. Hereís how the process went, in case youíre curious and are thinking about getting a lip filler injection.

The Doctor gave me a numbing agent, which is injected into the lips. Just the numbing shots themselves are painful, in my opinion.

The numbing agent had to then sink in for around twenty minutes before he could begin his injections of Juvederm, which was the filler I chose.

I chose it because the Doctor informed me that this type of filler usually works better for the lips because it is more liquid than others, and tends to give a more even appearance instead of bulking up.

Since the last thing I wanted was to come out of there with that awful "trout pout" that you see on celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson, I wanted the most natural filler possible for the lips.

I also didnít want anything dramatic or appearance-altering. I just wanted to have a bit more fullness in the top lip. I had no delusions that I would walk out looking like Angeline Jolie, nor was that my goal!

Next in the process, the Doctor came back into the room and tested me out to see if I could feel anything. My lips were pretty well numbed, so he began to do the injections. Every time he injected the filler, it felt like fire was being injected into my lips.

I know that sounds dramatic, and I donít consider myself to be a person with a low pain threshold, but to me, it was very uncomfortable. I actually wondered how women who get this done on a regular basis could do it!

My Doctor was excellent though, asking how I was doing the whole time. He couldnít help it that this was a naturally uncomfortable process. I thought, if my lips look fuller afterwards, it would be worth it.

He gave me several injections of the dermal filler in different spots, and would then sort of smooth it out with his fingers every time, ensuring an even spread of the filler throughout the lip tissue.

After the injections were over, it was hard to tell how well they had worked from the natural swelling that had occurred, as well as the fact that I couldnít move my lips in a full range since they were still partially "paralyzed" by the numbing agent.

The next day though, I could tell that my lips did indeed look fuller. They also began to develop some light bruising though, so I had to ice them and I hoped the bruising would not develop too much more.

All of this, which was not dramatic at all, cost the price of a full syringe of the filling agent, which was $500. However, I still had almost a half a syringe left, which he said could be stored and used the next time I came in for more lip injections.

I wondered if I could do that honestly! Depending on how full you want your lips to be from the lip injections, your Doctor may have to use more or less on you.

Ultimately, I made the decision that it just wasn't for me personally. It was a little bit too painful to have to do to myself, all in the name of a slightly fuller upper lip, twice a year in the end.

Danna Norek is the owner of several natural health and beauty websites, where she frequently shares her experiences in this realm. You can find more information on natural lip plumpers, natural breast enhancement, and skin care product reviews at Beauty and Skin Care Product Reviews and also you can find information on how to naturally get rid of cellulite here at Cellulite Reduction.

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