Treat Cellulite Successfully in Your Own Home

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Published: 02nd December 2010
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Cellulite treatments are one of the biggest money makers for plastic surgeons and spas across the US. And with good reason. Cellulite is one of the main beauty complaints that women have. Even guys get it!

While getting professional cellulite treatments may be relaxing and give great results, it's a huge drain on your wallet. You can literally spend thousands of dollars in treatments. And it doesn't end there.

You always have to keep a maintenance schedule as well, so you still pay thousands in to the future to keep the cellulite at bay.

While there are some good salon and spa treatments for cellulite reduction today, there are also some excellent alternatives to use in your own home.

These home treatments work just as well, as long as you do them right, are diligent and patient, and choose effective products. The best part is that the cost is a fraction of what you would pay in a spa.

Of course, if you want to feel pampered, a spa is the way to go. But if you want the results, and don't need the pampering for the extra cost, then consider buying yourself some home cellulite treatments, which we will give an overview of.

The first is the most common type of treatment you can find in upscale stores as well as drugstores. I'm talking about the cellulite treatment creams, gels and lotions that dominate the market currently. Just about every major cosmetics and toiletry company has one out there. Do they all work?

Not necessarily. Ingredients to look for in these cellulite treatment products for home are caffeine, seaweed, and green tea extract. These are only a few of the ingredients you may find in a good product, but it's a start.

Anything that tones, tightens and firms the skin (even a CoQ10 formula would be good), will do the trick, since most of these creams for cellulite work on the premise of firming the surface of the skin and making the surface smoother.

One of my favorite products for home cellulite treatment that works just like you're in a spa is the home cellulite body wrap. The body wrap works on the principle that it helps to reduce fluids underneath the skin, below the first layers, where the cellulite pushes in between the collagen bands that hold the tissue together.

This results in that all too familiar appearance of an orange peel or a sponge - you know, the dimples that we all hate to see when we look in the mirror!

By helping to reduce fluid buildup, it's almost like reducing the size of the fat cells by the use of compression, so it literally helps "squeeze" your tissue down to a slimmer size, and smooth the whole surface.

This results not only in cellulite reduction, but also in total inch reduction on the thighs, tummy, buttocks and on other problem areas where you may need inch reduction as well as cellulite treatment.

Another kind of unique home treatment for cellulite are products that use the principle of suction and the creation of a vacuum-like process that literally smooths cellulite mechanically. This is how the popular endermologie treatment works in doctor's offices.

Using mechanical suctioning on the problem areas of cellulite smooths out these areas because it literally separates and breaks up the fat and collagen bands just below the surface that are creating the puckered appearance we all loathe.

The products for home use that are sold which use this sort of technology are becoming more popular, but you must keep in mind that you have to keep these treatments up to keep your results.

Danna Norek owns and operates several health, wellness, and natural beauty alternatives websites and blogs. Information on how to successfully treat cellulite at home with cellulite body wraps can be found at Home Cellulite Body Wraps and also information on other cellulite treatments and creams here at Cellulite Reduction Treatments.

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